April 4- 8

Do not forget on March 21 you were assigned to analyse at least one painting per week ( I checked the supply's notes and she did assign it and gave out photocopies of an analysis sheet to help you)
So I should have at least 3 analyses for this report card( Last date for submission- April 11). You are also required the 3 pages per week, so the remainder is based on student lead investigation (not just sketching investigation on techniques, artists, culture ....it is better if it is related to your artwork...for etching try Durer). Do not forget the questions on the early renaissance.

For those on the Luxembourg trip- have at least one analysis for this report card and catch up over the next month. Sketch some memorable moments from the trip, or glue in some inspirational source material. If you went to an art gallery on your own (or the luxembourg gallery) write a review on an artwork you found inspirational- I have some of the booklets and took some pics from the Luxembourg gallery.

April4- High renaissance- presentation in class- powerpoint on site-Mrs. Amor's History Powerpoints
Mona Lisa and Me...along with throngs of others

Renaissance History continued. Starting this Sunday on Bravo is the mini series on the Borgia family. Along with the Medici family, one of the strongest families during the Renaissance. Click here for more info on the family that was the inspriration of the book and the movie
'The Godfather "

April 6- hopefully printing

April 8 For sure printing

Future direction for student lead sketchbook artisitc journals-

Preperation for Summative (You will begin the art component of your summative around May 1)- write down some themes that would interest you in the SL or HL section of this course. Even if you are not continuing... you are to pretend you are for this summative. Write down some pros and cons of at least 10, refer on how they fit in to the IB requirements ( I will give you some handouts).
Pick three and do some preliminary research - focus on culture, other related artists dealing with this subject material, various mediums, glue in source material. Sketch a few preliminary ideas for artworks.Remember to cite all source material !!!!!!!
Pick One for your intended theme- add a reflection on why you chose it. In class we will talk about whether this theme or direction must be what you use next year. DIG DEEPER. Research your theme in more depth, related artists, how the theme is regarded, or depicted, by other cultures. Start brainstorming on unique ideas that you can bring to this project based on the synthesis of your research. Think of the medium you may use- do some further research on this medium- you may want to experiment. Start creating thumbnail sketches along with personal critiques of the various sketches.
Remember to use principles and elements of art in your critiques.

By may 1 you should be ready to start creating your summative artwork.

Note: we are far from finished the breadth of art history...so if I direct you to artists that may help you with your research please see this as more than a suggestion- look into it.aa as well as find artists on your own.