Feb 7-11

Feb 8 Middle Ages Quiz-
On the quiz-
Match up of the Definitions from the Middle Ages, icons, all the vaults, buttress and flying buttress, illuminated manuscripts, mosaics, catacombs, clerestorey windows, sarcophagus, typanum, triptych, altar piece with three panels joined together), tesserae.

Know the differences and be able to recognize the differences of romanesque and gothic architecture
Be able to recognize Haigia Sofia, Notre Dame, St. Marks and their period and main significance.

One of the 4 questions I assigned is on the quiz.

Principles of art- Match up
Elements of Art- list them ( you may need to know more for you analyse question).

You will be given two paintings to analyse based on principles of art

Bonus Points- If you can anlayse them further and explain what the artist was trying to convey and incorporate his usage of principles of art.