November 14-18

Monday Nov 14- Abstract Art- create two L shaped strips of paper...use as a frame to view small sections of magazine. Find and area which has colours, lines, movements, etc. you find interesting. Paint it fairly fast - not to detailed. Keep simplifiying and abstracting as you paint three more interpretations. Adapted and change as you go along so you are incorporating the principles and elements of art. Eventually you will create a larger version.

Try larger brushes and palette knives.

Wednesday Nov 15- continue....due next Thursday

Friday Nov 17- Early Renaissance art-

Sketchbook- remember to finish the elements and principle pages started last week.
Sketchbook assignment- 2 pages summarizing Early Renaissance Art- see the key points at the end of the powerpoint.
Include something you liked/disliked about the period/artist/art and why.

Pick a painting from the Early Renaissance and analyse it (~one page). Also refer to the principles and elements of art. Here is a handout that may help you.
Paste an image of the artwork on the page and remember to source it correctly.