Tuesday Nov 23- Start wire image- I hope you have come prepared with reference material

Homework- read Art History- I will show some pictures from this period on Thursday.
Make sure your sketchbook notes have the 4 periods and what each period is best known for (and general dates). Write down YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS.

Briefly answer the following questions (you may want to leave a bit of space for a line or two from class):

Why did the depiction of human form change during this time? How was it different from the Classical Greek and Roman depictions of the human body? Why?

What was the main purpose of art during this time? How did this affect the art that was produced.

Briefly list the main features of the Romanesque Churches and Gothic cathedrals (so when you travel to Europe you can look at all those Churches and authoritativley say- Pierre it is definitely Gothic).

How did the Gothic churches change in order to create a more spiritual feeling to its patrons.

Definitions of the following terms add a quick sketch (or leave room for one):
illuminated manuscripts
typanums (add what the purpose was)
barrel, groin and ribbed vault
flying buttresses
rose windows
stone tracery

Thursday Nov 25- No Class-Parent teacher interviews