Nov 28- Dec 2

Monday- High Renaissance Summarize- Leonardo da Vinci, Michaelangelo and Raphael- 2 pages ( not due until the beginning of January but you are encouraged to complete the week it is assigned)

Wednesday- Field trip May help you in analayzing the artwork at the gallery. this should be completed for Friday's investigative journals submission. Bring your sketchbook and pencils to the gallery.

Those not on the trip go to the gallery site: Go to the gallery site

Find two paintings on the National Gallery Site- Print and paste them into your sketchbook, source the website. Analyze these artwoks in your sketchbook, using "How to Read a Painting" : to help you. Dig deeper, think about the Whys more than the Whats (ie, note the type of lines, but also commnet on why did the artist used them). Complete a small sketch on the whole painting, or a small section that interests you. Hand in on Friday.

Friday - Try to finish the abstract painting, hand in your sketchbook for November.