Nov 29-Dec 3

Tues Nov 30
Probably a shortened day. I will quicky go over the slides of the period--very fast I have too many.
After the slide show where you actually see the items, reflect on what you have seen:
Is there any item that you would want to research in greater depth? Any type of medium you would like to explore. What are your impressions of this period of time? What did you find interesting? What was new to you, or a total shock. (this is homework)

In your sketchbook for next week- use this time period as inspration- create a 'box' for a graphic novel, go to for a tourist picture (make sure it is open source and note source) and create a ink and watercolour wash sketch, design your next home in gothic style , create a sketch gargoyle of a present day celebrity etc.....push your imagination and use the past as inspiration.