Oct 18-22

October 18- Continue practicing with acryllics, paint boards white.
October 20- Handed back sketchbooks and went over the IB marking sheet, This was changed to a sketchbook day (due to stuck boards)
Sketch assignment: Design a MODERN current piece of jewelry or accessory inspired by art history studied thus far.
October 22- Finally you get to paint your fortune cookie canvas.

Big Picture Questions to think of when reviewing history:
0. Write down the span of the dates of centuries, as well as Country,.
1. What were the contributions to art made this culture/movement?
2. How would your recognise artwork from this period?
3. What do you find interesting from this period?
4. Name some important art pieces from this period, find a picture and glue it in- add a brief description
5. Name some important atrists from this period (once we get to the Renaissance)- describe their style
6. Compare this art from other art history you have previously read.

You may want to add depth to your research by going on line and investigate further- research websites If you find interesting sites you can add to this page.